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Who is God?

What’s the Meaning of Life? The answer to this question cannot come from human intelligence or reason, but only from the Creator himself who transcends our material world. As we see in today’s naturalistic society, once we remove God from the equation, we start to lose all sense of purpose for mankind. But, if God exists, we really do have a transcendent purpose, and really do have meaning for our lives. Start checking out what God has in mind for you here…

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  • Who Is God: What about Zeus, Jupiter, Brahma, Allah, and Ra. Are they God? Who does God say He is? Does He differ from other gods?
  • What Is The Definition Of Morality: What do universal standards of morals and ethics say about the nature of God?
  • Biblical Garden Of Eden: Is the biblical account in Genesis credible in light of 21st century science and technology?
  • Who Is The Holy Spirit: What do we mean when we refer to this part of God? What does the Bible say?
  • Hebrew Names Of God: The Old Testament reveals the true nature, character and attributes of God through His Hebrew names.
  • God's Unconditional Love: God's view of love is much different than a warm gooshy feeling. Check out His definition here.
  • Only Because Of God's Love: God's love is best represented by what He did for us through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • Spirit Of God: If God is Spirit, how can we relate to Him? How can we truly know He's there?
  • Definition Of Original Sin: Why is this biblical doctrine so important to understanding the world around us?
  • Absolute Truth Vs. Relativism: Is right and wrong relative to our society and situation? Think about your response here.
  • Ethics Models: How do morals and ethics translate in different cultures and circumstances?
  • Discover Life's Meaning: Truly understanding the meaning and purpose for your life is the start of great things.
  • God of Love: Do you want to experience the greatest relationship possible? Your Heavenly Father is offering it to you! Will you accept?
  • Good And Evil: Why would a loving God allow evil in His world? Is there a credible answer?
  • Personal Relationship With God: What does God want for our lives? What's the end result of everything?
  • What Are We Here For: Can we discover our real purpose for existing in the time and place that we do?

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